The company Fildiger offers to buy technical gelatin in any volume:

  • We have been working outside the EU and North American markets for many years, so among our partners are only those Ukrainian manufacturers of technical gelatin that have the appropriate certification.
  • Their capacities allow you to quickly ship batches of technical gelatin of any industrial volume, starting from 22 tons.
  • Our prices for technical gelatin will be the lowest thanks to direct exclusive agreements with manufacturers.

We need no more than 10 working days to transport technical gelatin to any region. And only for batches exceeding 2000 tons, this term can be extended.

You receive the necessary documents and a tracking number for tracking the cargo by e-mail.

Where is technical gelatin used?

Parts of cattle carcasses with a high collagen content are used for the production of technical gelatin. These are usually bones, tendons, scraps of skins and meat, etc. The technological process consists of several stages:

  • Solid raw materials are degreased using hot water, the temperature of which — 90-95 degrees Celsius.
  • Further, the mass is crushed to increase the surface area.
  • Grinded raw materials are loaded into maceration tanks and poured with hydrochloric acid of a small concentration. This is necessary to remove mineral components.
  • M’ raw materials are crushed and sent to ashing to remove unnecessary proteins.
  • The last stage — cooking of technical gelatin, drying of sheets and their grinding.

Finished technical gelatin is needed for many technological processes. In printing, it is used for the production of hardcover. Fabrics, document paper, and canvas are primed with it. Raw materials are involved in the metallurgical industry, etc.

The product meets all the standards required for use in the EU and the USA

Our partners — manufacturers that for many years supply their products almost exclusively to the market of the European Union and the United States. In order to be competitive, the entire range has been brought into compliance with strict requirements:

  • Recommended modern equipment is used.
  • Production has passed independent certification according to the necessary programs for quality and product safety management.
  • Each batch has all the necessary certificates that allow it to be used in further production.

The company manager will provide you with a complete list of requested documents.

How to order technical gelatin in bulk?

It's simple — contact the Fildiger manager in a convenient way. An employee of the company will reserve technical gelatin of the required class at the manufacturer's warehouse, control the shipment and delivery of the product to your enterprise. We create conditions for trustful cooperation with each client.


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For this product (you can use the product name as a variable), Fildiger offers the following convenient delivery options

  • DDP or DAP delivery
  • Delivery by 22-ton awning trucks
  • Big bag packaging 1 ton 
  • Less-than-truckload delivery options available
  • Shipment is tracked and we will send you a copy of the waybill.

If you need other terms of delivery, packing and palletizing of cargo, our manager will select the right options for you. 


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