Acid number (max)4 mg KOH/g2 mg KOH/g
Peroxide number: (max)10 meq O2/kg10 meq O2/kg
Moisture and light substances: (max)1,5 %1%
Phosphorus (max)300 ppm6 ppm
Wax content20 ppm10 ppm

If you need very large batches of high-quality rapeseed oil — the Fildiger company will help to buy it. We sell products made from Ukrainian rape (rape) in full compliance with the General Food Law, EU Regulation 1881/2006, Directive 2009/32s/EU. Mostly it is:

  • Edible canola oil, obtained by the method of chemical extraction. Canola stands for Canadian Oil, Low Acid. It contains minimal erucic acid and glucosinolates.
  • Technical canola oil intended for the production of biodiesel.
  • Usually we do not sell cold-pressed rapeseed oil through the online store. But among our permanent suppliers there are those who also manufacture it. So if you want to buy this kind of rapeseed oil, call the manager and tell him about it right away. We will arrange its delivery.

You can buy rapeseed oil (rape) in any industrial volume, starting from 22 tons.

The product meets all the standards required for use in the EU and the USA

Our partners — manufacturers that for many years supply their products almost exclusively to the market of the European Union and the United States. In order to be competitive, the entire range has been brought into compliance with strict requirements:

  • Recommended modern equipment is used.
  • Production has passed independent certification according to the necessary programs for quality and product safety management.
  • Each batch has all the necessary certificates that allow it to be used in further production.

The company manager will provide you with a complete list of requested documents.

Rapeseed oil is produced at enterprises that have received certificates of compliance with HACCP / FSSC standards

They regulate requirements for food safety management during all stages of production. Thanks to this, we are confident that we sell safe rapeseed oil. And we do it at very favorable wholesale prices.


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For this product (you can use the product name as a variable), Fildiger offers the following convenient delivery options

  • DDP or DAP delivery
  • Delivery by tanker truck 24 tons
  • Minimum delivery batch 1 tank truck 
  • Shipment is tracked and we will send you a copy of the waybill.

If you need other terms of delivery, cargo packaging, our manager will select the options you need.


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