Basic quality figures
 Moisture (max)Acid value (max)Peroxide value (max)
Cat 10.50%10 mg KOH0.08%
Cat 21%30 mg KOH0.10%
Cat 31.50%70 mg KOH-

We offer to buy edible pork fat for use in industry. This is a quality product that meets European standards and Directive 853/2004. It can be used as a component of pet food and in other similar industries.

As a direct supplier, Fildiger offers very favorable prices for the wholesale purchase of edible lard:

  • The minimum product lot you can order is 22 tons.
  • The total time of transportation of the order is up to 10 days.
  • But if you need a very large batch of edible pork fat wholesale, the volume of which is more than 2000 tons, we can slightly increase the delivery time.

Edible pork fat (lard) is used in many recipes. If you need certified raw materials from responsible producers — order from Fildiger.

How is edible lard made?

The main technological process by which edible pork fat is produced — this is low-temperature rendering (in other words — melting). It allows you to preserve nutrients, vitamins and other nutrients. Production consists of several stages:

  • Raw materials, which are meat processing products that cannot be used directly, are ground and stored in a technological container.
  • After that, the mass is heated to a temperature higher than 80°C, but lower than the boiling temperature of water.
  • The melted lard and water mixture is separated using a centrifuge. The output is high-quality and pure edible pork fat.

This product contains a lot of fatty acids and, conversely, does not contain trans fats, so they do not have a negative effect on the cardiovascular system. It is a mandatory, although not the only, component of premium feed for cats, dogs and other animals.

The product meets all the standards required for use in the EU and the USA

Our partners — manufacturers that for many years supply their products almost exclusively to the market of the European Union and the United States. In order to be competitive, the entire range has been brought into compliance with strict requirements:

  • Recommended modern equipment is used.
  • Production has passed independent certification according to the necessary programs for quality and product safety management.
  • Each batch has all the necessary certificates that allow it to be used in further production.

The company manager will provide you with a complete list of requested documents.

How to buy edible pork fat in bulk?

We work to resolve all issues regarding the supply of quality products from our partners. Contact the manager in a way convenient for you.


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For this product (you can use the product name as a variable), Fildiger offers the following convenient delivery options

  • DDP or DAP delivery
  • Delivery by tanker truck 24 tons
  • Minimum delivery batch 1 tank truck 
  • Shipment is tracked and we will send you a copy of the waybill.

If you need other terms of delivery, cargo packaging, our manager will select the options you need.


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