The Fildiger company will help you buy corn oil for food and technical purposes. We — the largest Ukrainian supplier to the domestic market, EU countries and North America:

  • We offer to buy corn oil produced by leading enterprises from Ukrainian raw materials. They have passed HACCP / FSSC standardization. This is a completely safe product.
  • We sell corn oil in any volume. An extensive network of suppliers allows us to quickly satisfy even a very large request. Minimum batch — it is 22 tons.
  • You can order all varieties of corn oil at the best prices — food, animal feed, technical.

We guarantee that you will receive corn oil of the appropriate quality every time.

Where is corn oil used?

Corn oil — it is usually a byproduct of processing corn kernels. The fact is that the largest amount of it is contained in embryos. Depending on the purpose, dry and wet methods of extraction are used.

Corn oil has a wide range of applications:

  • Edible corn oil is included in various products, such as pastries, baby food, semi-finished products, etc. In its pure form, it is used for cooking, sauces, dressing salads. It is a sought-after raw material for the cosmetic industry.
  • Corn oil for animal feed — a necessary component in the diet of livestock, poultry, pets, etc. It is added to ready feeds.
  • Technical corn oil is mostly used for biodiesel, is a raw material for paints, soaps, and is also needed in the textile industry and can be an anti-smoke additive for petroleum fuels.

We offer to buy corn oil of any purpose.

The product meets all the standards required for use in the EU and the USA

Our partners — manufacturers that for many years supply their products almost exclusively to the market of the European Union and the United States. In order to be competitive, the entire range has been brought into compliance with strict requirements:

  • Recommended modern equipment is used.
  • Production has passed independent certification according to the necessary programs for quality and product safety management.
  • Each batch has all the necessary certificates that allow it to be used in further production.

The company manager will provide you with a complete list of requested documents.

How to order corn oil in bulk?

You can contact us in any convenient way. For example, call, send an e-mail or even visit our office. All other questions regarding the supply of corn oil will be taken care of by our manager:

  • Reserves the required batch from the manufacturer.
  • Controls shipment.
  • Arranges delivery by the most acceptable mode of transport.
  • Will provide stable periodic supply as needed.

You can order corn oil immediately packaged in retail containers — bottles with a capacity of 1 or 1.5 liters.

The transportation of corn oil usually takes no more than 10 days. But a shipment of more than 2,000 tons may take a little longer.

Reliable supplier — the basis of a stable business. Your enterprise will always be provided with corn oil in sufficient quantities.


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For this product (you can use the product name as a variable), Fildiger offers the following convenient delivery options

  • DDP or DAP delivery
  • Delivery by tanker truck 24 tons
  • Minimum delivery batch 1 tank truck 
  • Shipment is tracked and we will send you a copy of the waybill.

If you need other terms of delivery, cargo packaging, our manager will select the options you need.


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