Protein (min)90%
Moisture (max)6%
Fat (max)1%
Acid value (max)25%
Peroxide value (max)10 mEq O2
Calcium (max)1%
Ash (max)4%

The Fildiger company offers its services to producers of animal feed. You can buy wholesale blood flour of very high quality from us. The manufacturers with whom we cooperate sell their products mainly to EU countries and the USA, so they have passed the relevant certification. In addition to stable and good product properties, we provide:

  • Convenient sale of blood meal via the Internet in any volume. The minimum batch is 22 tons.
  • Fast transportation of the order — you will receive the goods within 10 days regardless of your location.
  • Optimal prices for blood flour, which will be significantly lower than the average market prices.

We are ready to become your reliable supplier of blood flour.

Where is self-raising flour used?

Despite very high content of protein and iron, blood meal is used in animal feed to a limited extent. The first reason — a specific, unpleasant taste for many animals. The second — strong imbalance of amino acids.

Blood flour is most widely used in the breeding of fur animals (it has a great effect on the quality of fur) and fish, especially large predators. Also, due to its nitrogen content, it is a good organic fertilizer, although not as effective as feather’ flour.

The product meets all the standards required for use in the EU and the USA

Our partners — manufacturers that for many years supply their products almost exclusively to the market of the European Union and the United States. In order to be competitive, the entire range has been brought into compliance with strict requirements:

  • Recommended modern equipment is used.
  • Production has passed independent certification according to the necessary programs for quality and product safety management.
  • Each batch has all the necessary certificates that allow it to be used in further production.

The company manager will provide you with a complete list of requested documents.

How to order whole wheat flour in bulk?

Manager Fildiger resolves all organizational issues related to the purchase of blood meal. You only need to leave an application on our website or contact us in another way.

Entrust important questions regarding the supply of blood meal to professionals.


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For this product (you can use the product name as a variable), Fildiger offers the following convenient delivery options

  • DDP or DAP delivery
  • Delivery by 22-ton awning trucks
  • Big bag packaging 1 ton 
  • Less-than-truckload delivery options available
  • Shipment is tracked and we will send you a copy of the waybill.

If you need other terms of delivery, packing and palletizing of cargo, our manager will select the right options for you. 


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