Our company — a significant supplier of animal fats in large wholesale batches for further use at enterprises of various directions. We offer to buy high-quality products certified according to EU standards:

  • Edible animal fats are mainly used in animal feed, various food additives. Thanks to careful technologies, they preserve the vast majority of valuable nutrients.
  • Technical animal fats — it is a popular raw material for the production of lubricants, soaps, cutting agents, biofuels, etc. Cheaper technology with much higher efficiency is used for their manufacture.

We offer mainly two types of animal fats — chicken and pork.

To buy animal fat in bulk, leave a request on the website

We are able to meet the needs of any volume in the shortest possible time. The restriction applies only to the minimum order — you can buy animal fat in bulk from 22 tons. We will solve all issues related to logistics:

  • we take care of shipment in reliable industrial containers;
  • we will select the optimal type of transport;
  • we will monitor compliance with all regulations during transportation.

Usually we need up to 10 days to deliver animal fat. But if the band is very big — 2000 tons and more, the terms can be extended and agreed upon additionally.

You receive a complete package of necessary documents. This will help confirm the quality of your products.

Reliable honest supplier — this is your peace of mind for the future of your own business. So buy animal fats from Fildiger.

Why Choose Fildiger?

Company Fildiger — the leading EU supplier of vegetable oils and animal fats The most difficult task for business — find reliable partners. Our company will be one of them. Since 2015, we have been working on the European market as a supplier of quality products for the food and other industries. Our profile: Vegetable oils from sunflower, soybean, rapeseed. Chicken, pork, beef fats for food and technical purposes. Poultry meal, which is a by-product of poultry farming. ...

The product of the highest quality

We offer vegetable oils, animal fats and poultry flour of the highest quality. All products have EU certificates. Thanks to this, the product of your production will be much easier to certify

Our logistics is the fastest

We use all available opportunities to transport products to the customer. We make decisions based on your interests first of all. Therefore, you get the goods quickly and pay less

Reliability is about Fildiger

For us, fulfilling our obligations is above all. A personal manager monitors the movement of the order and is always ready to provide detailed information. Quality of service is also important


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